Publisher: Marshall Cavendish International

We Are Singaporeans Volume 2 continues to feature inspiring illustrated interviews of Singaporeans who have carved out unconventional work paths that align with their passions and values. While the interests and experiences are varied, the interviewees’ resourcefulness and resilience collectively bring hope and possibilities to youths or anyone who is wondering about their own journeys in life.

The 13 people in this book are:
• Wong Maye-e, Photojournalist
• Darius Lim, Choir conductor and composer
• Debby Ng, Wildlife ecologist and conservationist
• Martino Tan, Managing Editor of Mothership
• Felicia Low-Jimenez, Author & comics publisher
• Adib Jalal, Urbanist
• Sharul Channa, Stand-up comedian
• Jay Chua, Charis Chia & Yilina Leong of Fossa Chocolate
• Samantha Scott-Blackhall, Theatre director
• Kenneth and Adeline Thong of The Last Resort

The book can be bought at Books KinokuniyaAmazon SingaporeTimes Bookstores and other local bookstores.


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