Putting Yourself Out There


This is a note to myself – and any other person lurking around here who generally prefers to lurk – that sometimes, the show just has to go on and you have to step into the limelight whether you like it or not.

This is not a #humblebrag but a reminder that there are LOTS of limelights (can this be in plural?) these days so almost everyone will get that 15 minutes of fame regardless of talent, intellect, achievements, newsworthiness or attractiveness. And when the light shines on you, it’s all about what you make of that limited window of exposure.

Do you:

– cower in fear and whine about it? (my most instinctive response)
– throw a diva fit as to why you deservedly should be more famous? (have met a couple of those)
– lap it all up, show it all off, and feel good for a few days? (to some extent, we’re all guilty of this…)
– get your intended message out, connect with like-minded people, extend ideas/creativity/potential by exploring the zaniest of opportunities (my ideal response, but am still grappling with how that can truly be executed in real life)

At the end of the day, attention is fleeting. But memories aren’t. And even if mistakes are made, or you feel like you didn’t present the best of yourself during these moments of putting yourself out there, the point is that you did. And if there’s anything I’m realising as I grow older, no one is going to help you get more proactive unless you do.

[Yes, I am essentially life-coaching myself, but feel free to drop me a comment or note if this post helped!]


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