WHAM pointers from a WAHM


It has been more than a year since I’ve become a work-at-home mum. As such, I have come up with a nifty list how to make such a work arrangement sort of work

1. You will need coffee (even if you hate coffee).

2. You will adopt an owlish routine (even if you are a morning lark).

3. The only time you can do proper work for a substantial amount of time is probably during the wee hours of the night (refer back to point #1 and point #2).

4. Do not attempt to e-mail in between showing Elmo Youtube videos. You will only send out indecipherable messages such as “bfiybehwhkekhjbfhkjabsckjb” on it.

5. Do not attempt to e-mail when you feel like banging out snarky pointers to clients or editors. This means you need to nap over it and come up with a more levelled response after that.

6. During the rare kid-free daytime periods when you can actually clear work in a lucid state of mind, the world will suddenly seem like such a beautiful place. Relish it – the birds chirping; the sweet, sweet sound of your pen ticking multiple things off your to-do list, life is goooood.

7. Overnighters are sometimes necessary. But try not to do it too often. Be kind to your liver, eyebags (and sanity).

8. Change out of your PJs before doing any work. Especially if it has milk stains. There’s nothing quite so low morale as the smell of soured milk.

9. Such an existence is generally not sustainable 365 days of the year. Slot some holidays, do-nothing days, and gossip-with-girlfriends sessions at regular intervals. When you know a break is due: when you cannot remember any of your passwords and cannot blog or pay for bills.


  1. haha this is really a good post on behalf of the working Mums that I know of and adore. Have shared your post with one of them Melanie, and all the best in your wonderful multi-hyphenates life!

    • Hi Sihan,

      Glad you could identify with this (on behalf of your working mum friends)! Any other survival tips are also welcome :)

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