The Words That Move Out of Me

I decided that when I went into full-time freelance writing/editing earlier this year, I had to overcome the fear of revealing my own voice.

As such, I begun to write more of my “own things” and just forced on some shameless skin about showing these words to other people. I did this because I didn’t want to forget why I love words so much, and I wanted to be bolder about self-expression and receiving criticism and/or rejection in order to grow.

And I’m grateful for this little perk of “getting out there” – having a poem published in an anthology titled “Moving Words”. I’d submitted this piece on a whim (114 out of the 2000 entries were published), taking just 10 minutes to spew it out. Side note: for now, I tend to send all these things out on a whim just so I won’t have time to mull over how cheesy I think it is.

At this point, I’m actually not even sure ┬áthis angsty rant is a poem. But I am grateful to the tireless people at Ethos who make it their passion to get the voice of Singaporeans on paper. ┬áThis is my first piece of creative work published, yay!

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