Tech Stuff Can Be Sexy

Hello, I’m Melanie and I am a Tech Idiot.

For a long time, this meant that I did not get along with anyone from the IT Helpdesk with their gruff, low EQ methods of communication and my frustration in trying to understand what they were saying. (Most of the time, it just seemed to be, “We don’t repair Macs. I’m not touching your Mac!”)

But now that I’m doing a project for a semiconductor client, I’m like, “Hello, aren’t those little microchippies the sexiest things ever?” And I have utmost respect for all the IT peeps who actually know how they work (or better still, make them hubba hubba).

And I’m so glad that I’ve gone beyond silicon as breast implant material. Silicon rawks at so many levels I wonder why I didn’t bother to know all that before.

I’m even kind of hoping I get to hop into a bunny suit and visit a fabrication plant in the name of research/writing. That would be SO AWESOME yo.

Sure, the technical jargon floors me and I still don’t quite get how transistors actually work (a struggle since ‘O’ level physics). But even if we’re from different worlds – I suddenly want to hug all the Tech Geeks for making my life easier.

I might possibly turn into a Tech Groupie after this project.


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