A New Frontier


Artist: David Liew

Hello everyone, meet Squirky (beta version). Squirky is a little blue fella who will be keeping me quite busy this year. He is the protagonist of a series of children’s books that will be coming out soonish!

I’ve always been telling people that I would like to write children’s books , but I just never got round to doing it till now. I guess there was never that one compelling reason to do so; but now there is – my son.

My husband and I adopted this beautiful baby boy from Indonesia in July 2012. His name is Christian and he has become such a big part of our lives. My husband has already published a photography book for him titled “For My Son“, a collection of breathtaking landscape images of places in Singapore that will disappear/have disappeared.

For me, I felt compelled to write a story that young adoptees would be able to relate to. But not really a “moral/spiritual/self-help” story per se, more like a  fun fantasy space exploration tale, because I know firsthand how imagination can be such a comforting form of solace. It also helped that an illustrator friend, David, also fell in love with Christian the first time he met him and told me, “let’s do some books for him”. And so we are. And thanks to publisher MPH, these books will become a reality!


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