Holing up


After this pretty intensive social period, I would like to spend the next few days (maybe weeks) having a quieter pace of life, especially with all the looming deadlines ahead! By last night, I knew that it was time to shuffle a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everything when I lost my … [Read more...]

Another person to be grateful for

This is Theresa - gutsy social entrepreneur, editor extraordinaire. I've learnt quite a bit from her these past three years in terms of telling compelling stories, coming up with snappy story angles, choosing the right interview subjects and managing clients. Working under her is always a blessing - … [Read more...]

Working Guidelines

All my working life, I have had others' visions, mission statements and idiosyncrasies imposed upon me. Not that this is always a bad thing - I've definitely learned something from these assorted bosses and organisations. However, the thought that I soon no longer have to fit my square peg into the … [Read more...]