Reality Check

For anyone who ends up here because you are considering going into editorial freelance writing, here is one article by Richard Morgan that you must read before dipping your toes into the somewhat perilous water. I don't have the illustrious portfolio of Morgan and also am nowhere near as … [Read more...]

Quiet Corner

I generally dislike most pictures of myself, but I like this particular one because it manages to capture my penchant for quietness. We were going home after a particularly boisterous night of festive revelry and I'd had loads of fun, but I was also looking forward to rest and the silence of our … [Read more...]


Today, I learned an important lesson on quoting for jobs. 1) Ask, ask and ask around until you can ask no more (for you will get all kinds of views). 2) From there, quote a price which feels right i.e. pays you  in a way that you deem is fair for the work done, but is reasonable enough to … [Read more...]