My Favourite Writing Class

There are times I get sick of writing, like when I squeeze out words that feel forced or cliche, or when I feel that my sentences go on and on incoherently like this one (or when I add side brackets to portray being sardonic).

It is at times like these when I go back to memories of my favourite writing class at the Missouri School of Journalism where I spent a semester at as an exchange student. The class was called Intermediate Writing and it was there that I was introduced to the fascinating world of Literary Journalism. I loved the immersion story assignments; the fact that I could do a news story that could have my voice and perspective in it. That was the period in my life where I did the most reading, writing and socialising. I wanted to talk to everyone so I could understand their hopes, tears and dreams. I wanted to explore new ways of telling stories and would do draft after draft after draft because there seemed to be so many possibilities in the permutation of words, and somewhere along the way, there was a potential to create something…beyond myself.

And then I remember: Fight for the right words. Good writing doesn’t come easy.








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