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My little Pinoy bro Jaton, who is a much funnier and more diligent writer than I could ever be, has been a wonderful resource. Sometimes, I forget how young he actually is (just 1 – 2 years older than the first batch of students I taught!), and hence, is totally in the loop of where all the hip writing exists being the web-savvy dude that he is. Anyway, he recommended some great sites, so I’m spreading the linky love along:

Letters of Note – All the memorable snail mails of days gone past. Olduvai, you would love this! (On this note, might I add that my vintage tendency is rejoicing that old is the new hip. Am basking in perceived hip cred as long as this fad lasts.)

This Recording – I love the writing style of this online magazine. I wish we had been allowed to write more like that in journalism classes instead of inverted pyramid and 5Ws and 1H *yawn*

300 Love Letters – an utterly charming project where 300 love letters are colour coded and sent out to an assortment of people in this writer’s life.

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