Quiet Journeys: Finding Stillness in Chaos

This is the book that I alluded to here. And while I had hoped to publish my own collection of short stories this year, sometimes, life does take you to unexpected places. Me…helping to write a religious book? My Sunday School teachers must be scratching their heads hard.

You can find out more about the book here and the back story for wanting to write this book is more or less explained here.



  1. […] And also make a mental note not to giggle too much or talk too fast. I end up telling him about my little book project and ask him, in an unstalkerish way as possible, if I could send him the book when it comes out. He […]

  2. […] would like to thank a certain lady for approaching me during an event with a copy of Quiet Journeys to autograph, and sharing with me about how the POSKOD article I did on silent retreats resonated […]

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