Working Guidelines

All my working life, I have had others’ visions, mission statements and idiosyncrasies imposed upon me. Not that this is always a bad thing – I’ve definitely learned something from these assorted bosses and organisations. However, the thought that I soon no longer have to fit my square peg into the round hole is refreshing, but at the same time, I can see how I can just end up watching a lot of youtube videos the whole day.  As such, I have come up with my own set of working guidelines – for both discipline and ahem, empowerment.

Do also check out the no-nonsense-it’s-all-about-business Freelance Writer’s Declaration of Independence. Now that really kicks some balls.


  1. Hi Melanie,

    I love your Manifesto. Especially the drinking oodles of tea. I do that myself. I reckon I drink about 10 cups a day, herbal, English, you name it, it’s in my pantry. :)

    Don’t do enough of the meeting though and I know I should. Thanks for link back to my site. Glad you liked my kick-ass declaration. LOL


  2. Hi Monika, good to “virtual meet” you in any case. *shakes hands* :)

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