Morning Has Broken


It has been a month since my son, Buddy,  has started primary school. It has been a huge adjustment for all of us and for most part, we’re still trying to come to terms with all these textbooks and homework.

However, what I think has been a godsend (at least for me in this situation) is needing to wake up at 5.30am to make breakfast and help Buddy get ready for school. Once he leaves, suddenly, I feel I have a lot more time to get things done. And because I wake up this early, I’m now sleeping earlier, which means the morning brain fog is near non-existent these days. This routine has made me realise how much how much more productive I am as a morning lark, and  how refreshing it is to take in a deep breath of  that slightly chilly morning air.

I hope this bodes well with my work flow as more projects kick in soon!


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