In This Season


A few days ago, a friend posed this on Facebook:

Are you working very hard, like the darnedest best, in your craft?
What does that look like in this season for you?

My answer is this: I think I work hard – when I can – but I can afford to work smarter. I have actually been doing a lot of mulling and asking around with regards to improving in this area, and I’m putting in a few simple things in place to get the ball rolling. One thing I hope to do is to at least update this work blog monthly.

As it is right now, my son fell sick three days ago and work has piled up. I expect a few late nights to keep on track. I feel slightly defeated, especially since I’d thought I’d be able to have well-ticked to-do lists this week after all the CNY festive celebrations. But that is life and there will sometimes be things holding you back, which is precisely why I really want to suck the marrow out of those “juicy bone times” when it’s actually possible to complete/accomplish/push ahead.

In this season, I want to be less “leaky”. I want to be focused on one task at a time, and be more present to whatever I’m doing and/or whomever I’m with. I want to take better care of myself and my family, and I hope to deliver the best possible to my clients/students. This may mean focusing on just a few things rather than dipping fingers in many, but in the long-run, that is what keeps it sustainable, doesn’t it? I would like to dedicate specific hours in the week to writing stuff that will take me to scary places, but will remind me of why I want to write in the first place.

May 2016 be blooming with colour and passion (which ironically in my case, means being a lot more disciplined and organised).

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