Getting Exposed

Just last night, I gave a talk at the National Museum of Singapore in the capacity of a writer who has done a few travel and heritage stories in Singapore. I gave this talk with my photographer husband, Darren Soh.

What was different about this talk (besides bickering with Darren on why it was necessary to use PowerPoint – he is pretty anti-Microsoft) was that the museum publicity people somehow lined us up for a bunch of media interviews before the talk and we ended up getting featured on a website, a newspaper, the radio and television.

While my husband lapped up all that media exposure and told all our friends repeatedly about it, I just felt like burying my head in the ground like an ostrich. But I guess the medium I found the least stressful was radio, because no one had to see me!

Note to self: Now that I know how much “getting out there” energy it takes for introverted people to be interviewed, I am going to be a lot more patient and friendly with my interview subjects from now onwards!

In the meantime, I am going to take lots of naps, and go to an obscure beach resort for a while to retreat from the world for a bit!


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