A Lifelong Student of Writing


This year, I started going to the library more regularly. My bookshelves at home are bursting, and so I’ve limited book-buying to airport bookstores before flights.

This means that I’ve read books that I wouldn’t usually buy. For example, this book – Lunch with the FT – a collection of interviews by Financial Times journalists. I would never buy a book that has content I can easily access online. But somehow, reading all these articles in one sitting made me realise how powerful a personality profile can be when it is written well. I love how these journalists describe the restaurant and food settings, the intricate quirks of their interviewees, and being able to tie cold, hard facts and current affairs with vivid storytelling. Even though there are interviewees featured in the book that I didn’t like or had no idea who they were, now, I want to be friends with all these people , along with the journalists who interviewed them.

It also made me realise how much more I have to grow as a writer to be anywhere near the standards of these journalists. And so, I reckon these fortnightly library visits are a good thing in my writing journey. Next step: a proper daily writing routine!

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