Another person to be grateful for

Terrific Threez

Terrific Threez

This is Theresa – gutsy social entrepreneur, editor extraordinaire. I’ve learnt quite a bit from her these past three years in terms of telling compelling stories, coming up with snappy story angles, choosing the right interview subjects and managing clients. Working under her is always a blessing – have never met someone in a boss-type role so positive! affirming! enthusiastic! willing to listen! despite juggling a million and one things all at once.

I think God blesses some people not just with an affinity to writing, but also with a knack for inspiring and mentoring clueless and aimless peeps so that His human resource blueprint will kick into order. Theresa definitely possesses this double-talent and it’s wonderful how she is so absolutely relentless in going out there to get more women to Do Life Better.

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