A Book Launch


I experienced my first proper book launch over the weekend with the release of the print edition of Imaginary Friends.  It took place at the Putrajaya International Book Fair, and there was a huge programme poster where there was a picture of my head the same size as my head in real life. I’m sure Freud will have a field day about why I was so excited about this.

I shouted a lot on a big stage with no idea who was really listening, I talked to many nice strangers, I signed some books and I also did a lot of book shopping (the deals there were amazing) and the latter will probably offset whatever royalties I might earn from this book.

All in all, it still feels extremely surreal. The last few months has been such a steep learning curve in terms of learning more about book publishing, and it has made me ponder (once again) where I should head next with writing. Whatever the case, I am thankful for the opportunities, and the support of a few big-hearted people who have helped me along this journey.

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