A Lifelong Student of Writing


This year, I started going to the library more regularly. My bookshelves at home are bursting, and so I've limited book-buying to airport bookstores before flights. This means that I've read books that I wouldn't usually buy. For example, this book - Lunch with the FT - a collection of interviews … [Read more...]

Bird by Bird


A few years ago, a writer friend suggested that I read Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing & Life ┬áby Anne Lamott. With my great powers of procrastination, I've only just managed to get my hands on it. And wow, I love it. I'd recommend every word-loving person to read this book, even if … [Read more...]

Neil Gaiman: Commencement Address

Isn't it strange how all of us, regardless of age, are such suckers for inspiring commencement addresses? It's like the human race is really craving some wise, inspiring advice - is that really so lacking in everyday life? Anyway, here is the latest one to go viral - author Neil Gaiman at the … [Read more...]