Saying Yes


Someone told me a few days ago, "How I wish I’m bold and good enough like you to put myself out there as a writer!" I thanked her politely for such an encouraging comment...but somehow, it got me a little unsettled. The thing is, boldness has never really been my forte (as I've reiterated time … [Read more...]

Putting Yourself Out There


This is a note to myself - and any other person lurking around here who generally prefers to lurk - that sometimes, the show just has to go on and you have to step into the limelight whether you like it or not. This is not a #humblebrag but a reminder that there are LOTS of limelights (can this … [Read more...]

WHAM pointers from a WAHM


It has been more than a year since I've become a work-at-home mum. As such, I have come up with a nifty list how to make such a work arrangement sort of work 1. You will need coffee (even if you hate coffee). 2. You will adopt an owlish routine (even if you are a morning lark). 3. The only … [Read more...]