A Quick Review of 2015


It was a more streamlined year in terms of work. This project took up most of 2015, but I also did a sprinkling of editorial work and continued to get two more books out for The Adventures of Squirky the Alien series. Through a few story assignments this year, I've discovered that I really enjoy … [Read more...]

Getting to know Singapore


This post is partly a work update, and partly a National Day entry. The work bit: For the past few months, I've been involved with the National Museum of Singapore permanent gallery revamp. More specifically, I'm helping out with the research and scriptwriting for its video and interactive … [Read more...]

Who Would Have Thought?


Besides working on Squirky, I'm also preparing for the launch of the print edition of Imaginary Friends next month at the Putrajaya International Book Fair. Now this is something that truly came as a surprise. I've been told by book publishing veterans that "short stories don't sell" (especially … [Read more...]