The Art of Being Anal

I┬árecently completed an editing/proofreading job that left me with a slightly shakier confidence in my command of English. In fact, just writing the previous sentence caused a minor internal tussle on which prepositions to use. I have been re-reading The Elements of Style to revise on the … [Read more...]


I'm not very good with self-help books. Mostly, I'm not very good in following their pointers, or even finishing reading them for that matter. However, one self-help book which I think helped nudge me to get cracking with the whole freelance thing was the Anti 9-5 Guide by Michelle Goodman. Once … [Read more...]

The Backstory

Tym sent some linky support in the form of this article by Mridu Khullar. This entry was about her struggles while building up her freelance career. To me, this couldn't have come at a better time, because I'm probably right smack in the midst of the valley now in terms of "figuring things out". For … [Read more...]