My Favourite Writing Class

There are times I get sick of writing, like when I squeeze out words that feel forced or cliche, or when I feel that my sentences go on and on incoherently like this one (or when I add side brackets to portray being sardonic). It is at times like these when I go back to memories of my favourite … [Read more...]

Reality Check

For anyone who ends up here because you are considering going into editorial freelance writing, here is one article by Richard Morgan that you must read before dipping your toes into the somewhat perilous water. I don't have the illustrious portfolio of Morgan and also am nowhere near as … [Read more...]

Hip Writing

My little Pinoy bro Jaton, who is a much funnier and more diligent writer than I could ever be, has been a wonderful resource. Sometimes, I forget how young he actually is (just 1 - 2 years older than the first batch of students I taught!), and hence, is totally in the loop of where all the hip … [Read more...]