All About Ann Siang


A fun "neighbourhood" piece for Travel + Leisure (Southeast Asia) on one of my favourite areas in Singapore. You can read the article here.  … [Read more...]

At Home in Angkor


  This travel story on Siem Reap was like no other - a helicopter ride, UNESCO heritage site, and meeting people from all over the world. You know how travelling can sometimes lift you up and make you feel that anything is possible? It was that kind of trip. This article was published in … [Read more...]

A Perfect Escape


I did an A-Z feature story on Montigo Resorts in Batam Indonesia for LUX Magazine. My favourite part of the trip was taking a boat out to watch the sunset. As cheesy as that may sound, I'm convinced sunset-watching is an innate human need. You can read the full article here. … [Read more...]