Going Public


A cover story I did for The A List on the state of public art in Singapore. What was most memorable: being able to visit legendary pioneer sculptor Han Sai Por at her studio for an interview. The full story can be read here. … [Read more...]

The Adventures of Squirky the Alien #5: How Do You Get to the Garden Galaxy?


Synopsis: Squirky, Emma and Mr Quentin land on Planet P, a warm and humid forest populated by strange orange creatures who call themselves the Gardeners. They seem to know who Squirky is! They also know where Squirky’s birth parents are. But when the Gardeners finally reveal the truth to … [Read more...]

All That Jazz


Another story I really enjoyed doing for The A List was on the jazz scene in Singapore. I'm a huge jazz fan and just getting insights from local jazz musicians gave me (the good kind of) goosebumps! You can read the full story here. … [Read more...]