Give Me Five!

Gimme Five. Showing five fingers isolated on white

It's been five months since I last posted here. Five! Here's what's been happening: 1. As of last December, I've a regular writing gig as a digital writer at The A List. This means coming up with content frequently. This means going for more events, talking to more people and jumping from one … [Read more...]

A Brief Review of 2016


I'm writing this post and I'm thinking about Seasons of Love. This song really nailed the question swimming at the back of my head: how do you measure a year? As fast as 2016 sped by (I realise my last post was in September - eeps!), it also felt like a very wide year. Somehow, I feel like I was … [Read more...]

Saying Yes


Someone told me a few days ago, "How I wish I’m bold and good enough like you to put myself out there as a writer!" I thanked her politely for such an encouraging comment...but somehow, it got me a little unsettled. The thing is, boldness has never really been my forte (as I've reiterated time … [Read more...]