Morning Has Broken


It has been a month since my son, Buddy,  has started primary school. It has been a huge adjustment for all of us and for most part, we're still trying to come to terms with all these textbooks and homework. However, what I think has been a godsend (at least for me in this situation) is needing … [Read more...]

Looking Up


It's been long. Too long. There's no real concrete reason why I stopped updating this website for 1.5years. However, I think in an abstract way, a shift occured. As life got busier, I just looked ahead and worked out what I needed to do to get by each day, instead of looking up and really getting … [Read more...]

A Brief Review of 2016


I'm writing this post and I'm thinking about Seasons of Love. This song really nailed the question swimming at the back of my head: how do you measure a year? As fast as 2016 sped by (I realise my last post was in September - eeps!), it also felt like a very wide year. Somehow, I feel like I was … [Read more...]